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Vincent Chaperon

Dom Pérignon

Chef de Cave


Vincent Chaperon was born in 1976 to a Bordeaux winemaking family where vineyards are a legacy and wine is a culture. He studied viticulture and oenology at the École Nationale d’Agronomie in Montpellier. But it was through hands-on experience during grape harvests in Pomerol, Saint-Émilion, Sauternes and then prestigious estates in Chile and Argentina that he gained true appreciation for the terroir. Vincent began identifying links between centuries-old tradition and the energy of the New World that would nourish his inspiration. After obtaining his degree as an oenologist and agricultural engineer in 1998, he set off to explore the Champagne region, joining Moët & Chandon in 1999. Inspired by these vineyards in more northern climes, he gradually developed a strong attachment to the region, putting down his own roots in a new terroir. He decided to stay and deepen his knowledge of the vineyards and local winemaking techniques, forging a personal aesthetic of champagne. In 2005 Vincent Chaperon joined Dom Pérignon. His meeting with Richard Geoffroy proved decisive, the beginning of a thirteen-year apprenticeship during which the two engaged in an ongoing dialogue with one and other, and with nature, nurturing a mutual understanding anchored in confidence. The passing of the baton took place on January 1, 2019 when Vincent Chaperon became Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon. Vincent sees Dom Pérignon’s vision – harmony as a source of emotion – as a true raison d’être. This vision imparts meaning to his creative ambition and guides him in the missions entrusted to him: draw inspiration from the origins of the Maison as well as experiences abroad today; each year to surprise and delight by creating new vintages that balance the constraints of the year and the uniqueness of Dom Pérignon; perpetuate the Maison’s aesthetic ideal; and nurture Dom Pérignon’s Patrimoine de Création* creative heritage with ever more inspiring experiences around its vintages. Vincent Chaperon brings Dom Pérignon his expertise, as well as his sensibility. “We must intimately know our vineyards and our wines, we have to pamper them, learn to love them to create assemblages that strive for harmony.” As enthusiastic as he is thoughtful, Vincent Chaperon brings his energy and engagement to the Dom Pérignon quest with an inner drive shaped by his passion for words. “You need a literary side to do this métier truly well.” *creative heritage

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