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Pancho Campo

Green Wine Future



"Pancho was a pioneer when he founded the I World Conference on Climate Change & Wine in 2006. Since then, he has organized 6 editions featuring the most relevant names of the industry and keynotes like President Obama, Kofi Annan, and Vice-President Al Gore with whom he had worked in numerous occasions. This year the event was held under the name of Green Wine Future. After retiring from professional tennis, he founded Chrand Events more than 30 years ago, an agency which has organized events with Sting, Pink Floyd, Agassi, Nadal, and the world leaders mentioned above. Recently he founded the Planet Future Foundation with the goal of producing documentaries to create awareness on how important is to protect the most sensitive parts of the planet. This has taken Pancho on expeditions to Greenland, Iceland, the Arctic, coral reefs in the Caribbean, Africa and many regions of the planet."

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