World Living Soils Forum 2024

Based on the intuition of Bernard Peillon (President and CEO of Hennessy from 2007 to 2020) that it was essential for our experts to share their priorities, challenges and practices, the Peillon forum was created in 2016 – bringing together winegrowers, winemakers and master distillers.
Ever since its first meeting in Epernay in February 2016, its objective has been to help preserve our identity and know-how, and pass them on to future generations. Today, it is still a place for discussion and inspiration, uniting a community of more than sixty men and women who use their expertise to share solutions ranging from nature to crafting wines and spirits.
Each year, the Peillon Forum takes place in the city of a Moët Hennessy Maison (Yquem, Mendoza, Cognac, ...) and addresses topics for reflection such as sustainable development, cooperation on research and development, sustainable viticulture, etc…