World Living Soils Forum 2024

As a global leader in luxury wines and spirits, with many iconic Maisons, we have a special responsibility towards our stakeholders and towards the planet as a whole. Our original founders strived to be responsible actors. lt is our mission is to nurture this heritage and ensure we maintain the right balance between our business activities and the needs of nature. Soils, as a complex ecosystem, are one of the earth's most precious natural resources and a source of prosperity for Moët Hennessy. The quality of the soil of our terroirs, the know-how of our people and the excellence of our products are closely interwoven. But our commitment goes far beyond soils and terroir. Because taking care of nature is ultimately about taking care of people, it is also our role to support communities and bring positive change to society. lt's about Living Together as one.

Regenerating soils

We are thoroughly conscious of the need lo protect our complex ecosystems, and we know our viticultural and agricultural methods can make a difference. That's why we've worked for many years following strict guidelines and have achieved the most widely recognized local environmental certifications. Today, we accelerate our actions, through policies such as pursuing the reduction of chemical inputs, restoring and fostering biodiversity and preserving water resources. What's more, we engage our partners by sharing best practices for sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Mitigating our climate impacts

Climate change is a reality that requires global cooperation on an unprecedented scale. To do our part we must keep up our efforts lo drastically reduce our carbon emissions and reduce our overall environmental footprint. We have been doing this by eco-designing our packaging and marketing assets within an overall circular economy strategy, opting for low-carbon transportation, improving energy efficiency, accelerating the roll-out of renewable energies across our Maisons, and reducing and recycling our waste. Most importantly, we involve our suppliers al every phase of the value chain, from grapes and crops lo client consumption.

Engaging society

As a leader in our industry with a strong global presence, we have a key role lo play in society. Our primary responsibility is to ensure our exceptional products are always enjoyed in moderation and build awareness around the importance of Responsible Drinking. We support the commitments of our Maisons in favor of local communities, as well as the causes close to their hearts. With our partners, we are also committing to a responsible purchasing policy in order to foster sustainable practices. We work alongside our suppliers to bring about more sustainable practices. Committing lo society also means guaranteeing business integrity and participating in the fight against corruption. By joining forces with all our stakeholders, we can make the world a better place to live in.

Empowering our people

Our employees are at the heart of our mission. They share our values and embrace our vision for a sustainable future. As a responsible employer, we ensure the highest level of safety and quality of life al work for everyone. We also offer employees training lo learn more about sustainable development. We encourage our people lo engage with society and prioritize inclusion. At Moët Hennessy, diversity is considered as an asset and a real lever for creativity and performance. With the determination and commitment of our teams to these environmental, social and societal responsibility issues, we look forward to making positive change, together.