World Living Soils Forum


During the opening speech of its forum on Living Soils in 2020, Moët Hennessy made official its commitment to sustainable viticulture.
Through Living Soils, Moët Hennessy aims to unite its communities across the world and develop a global social responsibility program.” - Philippe Schaus, Moët Hennessy Chairman and CEO
The rising concern around climate change affects us all. This “Living Soils” forum was intended to move the conversation forward and facilitate a discussion and ultimately raise awareness without taboo.
A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world” - Louis Pasteur.

This philosophy has been at the heart of Moët Hennessy’s vision for continuous progress on the human side, as well as in terms of knowledge, methods and technology. Climate change, preservation of the soils, water and energy conservation, as well as sustainability in supply chains all factor into the protection of the “Living Soils”.

On this occasion, Moët Hennessy made three announcements: 
• In 2020, all of its vineyards in Champagne will be herbicide-free and the Division will provide support to winegrower partners to help them become certified sustainable. 
• Moët Hennessy has invested €30M in a research center in the Champagne Region devoted to scientific research around sustainable viticulture 
• In 2022, a “University of Living Soils” will be created to encourage the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Its aim will be to enrich the debates on progress toward a more sustainable future for wine and spirits in an inclusive way.

Moët Hennessy’s vision across all Maisons is to lead the way for future generations, so that all employees, consumers and winemakers can continue to enjoy and discover its wines and spirits in a consistent and integrated way that is respectful of nature.